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In our organization, we understand that education and professional training are not merely instruments of personal development but also powerful tools for social transformation. For this reason, we are committed to a comprehensive approach to training and education, with the aim of facilitating the socio-labor integration of every individual who comes to us.

Our programs are designed to adapt to various personal situations, recognizing that each person possesses a unique set of skills and circumstances.

Additionally, our approach includes a strong component of personalized support and guidance. We have a team of dedicated professionals who guide participants through their learning and personal development journey.


“Social and Labor Integration of Women” Program
Our program focuses on training women at risk of social and labor exclusion, offering them training in skills demanded by the labor market. We have formed alliances with companies committed to inclusion to provide business internships that offer practical experience.

Additionally, we act as intermediaries to facilitate employment insertion and support sustainable employment initiatives for these women, thus contributing to their effective integration into the workforce and promoting gender equality.

“Andalucía orienta” Program

The “Andalucía Orienta” program is established under the Order of September 26, 2014, which develops the programs of professional guidance, insertion itineraries, and accompaniment to insertion, based on Decree 85/2003 of April 1, and subsequent orders that regulate the bases for granting associated subsidies. As defined in this regulation, an orientation unit is a set comprised of human, material, and methodological resources, dedicated to the execution and management of activities in the insertion itineraries, Professional Guidance, and Accompaniment to Insertion programs.

In our orientation unit, various essential actions are carried out:

Management of personalized insertion itineraries: We provide personalized advice, whether individual or group, to guide users in their employment insertion process. This service is fundamental to adapting the itineraries to the specific needs of each individual, thus facilitating their access to the labor market.
Collaboration in the management of employment demand: We work closely with the Andalusian Employment Service to manage and respond to employment demand, adapting our strategies and resources according to the service’s requirements.
Advice to Specific Groups: We offer guidance to individuals belonging to specific groups who are involved in educational, training, and/or employment processes. The activities of this guidance are established by the Andalusian Employment Service according to the intervention needs detected, ensuring adequate and effective attention.

These actions are designed to maximize the effectiveness of our users’ employment insertion and to support their continuous professional development.

“EPES: Professional Experiences for Employment” Program 

This program is aimed at providing internships for unemployed individuals in companies and is funded with €480 per month.

Betania is implementing the Professional Experiences for Employment Program (EPES), which is part of the Andalucía Orienta Network (Andalusian Employment Service, Junta de Andalucía) and is developed within a personalized insertion itinerary. It is scheduled to last for two years: 2024-2025.

The objective of the program is to promote the employment of unemployed individuals by offering them professional experiences with mentoring that bring them closer to the labor market, providing them with knowledge about the habits, practices, and values of the work environments they aspire to.

During the project execution (until December 2025), a total of 80 non-labor internships will be carried out, mainly in the Campo de Gibraltar area, each lasting three months. Participants will complete 20 hours of weekly internships at the company, distributed over four days at a rate of 5 hours per day, under the supervision of a Betania tutor. Additionally, they will have a reinforcement plan that includes 3 hours of weekly in-person counseling aimed at improving their professional skills through group workshops.

Although these internships do not imply an employment relationship, participants will receive 80% of the IPREM (2023), that is, €480 per month, as a scholarship, and will be covered by accident insurance. These amounts may be increased with transportation expenses if the internships are carried out in a municipality different from the participant’s residence.

The Betania EPES program is aimed at groups of people with disabilities, people at risk of exclusion, and individuals belonging to ethnic minorities.

To be included in the internship pool, interested individuals must be registered as job seekers with the Andalusian Employment Service and have an active Personalized Insertion Itinerary, with one month of registration in the internship applicant pool of the Telemetric Orientation Service (STO), as well as having received a minimum of two hours of individual attention. They must be seeking their first employment in the occupation related to the internship.

Both companies and individuals interested in participating in the program can contact the technical staff of the Betania EPES Program by asking directly about the EPES program or by calling 621 009 830.

Program funded by the Andalusian Employment Service.

“Integral projects” Program

Integral Projects for Employment Insertion seeks to support vulnerable groups in their access to employment. To participate, it is necessary to be registered as an unemployed job seeker with the Andalusian Employment Service and belong to vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, long-term unemployed, individuals over 45 years old, migrants, or citizens at risk of social exclusion.

The program begins with a phase of job orientation that includes personalized itineraries and training. After completing this stage, participants receive an economic incentive of €528 to encourage their continuity. Finally, guidance and support towards employment are offered, along with an analysis of labor market opportunities, to facilitate their effective insertion into the professional field.



"Social and Labor Integration of Women" Program

"EPES" Program 

"Integral projects" Program

"Andalucía orienta" Program


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