Employment and training


Social and labour insertion of women

In this programme we intend to train women to do business internships in companies with which we generate alliances and which have an agreement with our entity: Companies for inclusion, to improve the capacity of professional insertion and promote the labour integration of women at risk of social and labour exclusion through the training demanded by the labour market.
Labour integration will be facilitated through the intermediation of workers, providing work experience through business practices and supporting employment initiatives for groups of vulnerable women, supported by prior training.
Target group: Women at risk of social exclusion.

Andalucía Orienta

The Andalucía Orienta programme, regulated by the Order of 26 September 2014, which develops the vocational guidance programmes, insertion itineraries and accompaniment to insertion regulated by Decree 85/2003, of 1 April and the successive orders regulating the bases by which these subsidies are granted, de
fines the guidance unit as: “The set of human, material and methodological resources through which the actions of the Insertion Itineraries, Vocational
Guidance and Accompaniment to Insertion programmes are carried out and managed”.

Our guidance unit develops the following actions:
· Management of Personalised Insertion Itineraries, through counselling to users, either individually or in groups.
· Collaboration in tasks related to the management of the employment demand when so determined by the Andalusian Employment Service.
· Advice aimed at people belonging to specific groups immersed in educational, training and/or employment processes.
These actions will be determined by the Andalusian Employment Service on the basis of the intervention needs detected.

Companies for inclusion

The aim of this project is to increase the employability of people at risk of social exclusion through guidance, acquisition of work habits, accompaniment and mediation between them and companies. Training and work training activities are carried out for a duration of three months, in which they will participate in basic general training and specific training in the company in which they will carry out their work experience.
Business internship activities are also carried out for another three months in collaborating companies in which the candidates will be able to improve their capacity for professional insertion.


Responsible. Bárbara Hiller. Social worker
Cristina Benítez. Social educator
Aba Andreu. Social worker
María González. Psychologist
Lorena Gayubo. Guidance technician
Inmaculada Carral. Guidance technician
Javier González. Guidance technician
Lucía Casasola. Administrative




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