About us

Nuevo Hogar Betania is a non-profit association, our mission is to help anyone who is in a
situation of social exclusion (homeless people, prisoners and ex-prisoners, immigrants, women
victims of human trafficking, families, immigrants…).

Our approach

  • To be innovative: To develop and implement solutions to the multiple problems faced by the most vulnerable individuals and families.
  • Achieve results at scale: : Support effective implementation of best practices, programmes and policies for our users, leveraging our expertise to ensure sustainable impact at scale.
  • Be the voice: Advocate and campaign for greater awareness of human rights.
  • Building bridges: Collaborate with our constituencies, civil society organisations, public administrations and the private sector to share knowledge through continuous feedback, with the goal of respecting people’s rights

The Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, represent basic principles to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. 

At Nuevo Hogar Betania, we work in line with these Sustainable Development Goals, providing solutions to poverty and hunger and providing projects that improve the health and well-being of the people who come to our resources. We are committed to personal growth, work and quality education, reducing inequalities of any kind and working together, creating alliances, to achieve our main objectives: peace and justice.

Board of Directors

Begoña Arana. Director and founder
Aida Torres. Secretary
Manuel Jesús Serván. Member
María José Torres. Member
Álvaro Chacón. Member
Rubén Cano. Treasurer

Technical Sub-director

Estrella Romero. Head of project management
Bárbara Hiller. Head of human resources
María del Carmen Martínez. Head of administration

Advisory board

Mònica Margarit

The main functions of the NHB’s Advisory Council will be to propose, analyse, evaluate and recommend to Nuevo Hogar Betania, through its Board of Directors, the projects and programmes that can be developed by the organisation


Administration Department
Communication Department
Public Relations Department
Project Management Department
Human Resources Department

Honorary member

Women's Area Ambassador

Joaquín Prat, Tv anchor

María Adánez, actress

Transparency Portal

We have had external audits since 2013, with the auditor – chartered accountant, registration number in the ROAC 03213. 

In 2017 we have been granted the non-profit status, recognised by the Ministry of the Interior