Area of human trafficking

Trata de seres humanos
Nuevo Hogar Betania began in 2011 working with victims of human trafficking and gender violence in the province of Cadiz, specifically in La Línea de la Concepción, after the release of 25 victims of human trafficking. From then on, the professionals specialised in dealing with these problems, which led to an increase in the number of places where women victims of this social scourge are cared for. At present we have homes in the provinces of Cadiz, Seville and Malaga, and we attend to victims from all the provinces of Andalusia, as well as referrals and attention to the rest of the Autonomous Communities.

At present, the attention in our shelters is specialised and diversified according to the characteristics and circumstances experienced by the women, therefore our shelters are
differentiated into those for women victims of gender violence and their minor children; shelters for pregnant women or women with children under 3 years of age, as well as our shelter for women victims of human trafficking, victims of sexual exploitation and in the context of prostitution, including their minors.

In these homes we provide comprehensive care, offering the services described above, such as: psychological intervention, social and educational care, legal advice, training and employment guidance, as well as advice in the field of health.


Attention to women victims of prostitution, human trafficking, victims of sexual exploitation and their children, minors or disabled

We offer immediate, integral and personalised attention to women in contexts of prostitution, victims of sexual exploitation and victims of Human Trafficking (MVTSH) and their children, with the main objective of protecting them and offering them an alternative life outside of criminal networks. To this end, we offer a flexible methodology adapted to each case and its needs, with a multidisciplinary team trained and constantly updated.

Target group: Women victims of human trafficking and their children or children with disabilities.

Legal and psychological counselling for women in exclusion

The aim of this project is to empower women so that they become aware of the situation in which many of them live, to advise them and orient them on the legal level about the options they have, and that they acquire emotional and legal resources to begin to change their lives. We offer legal and psychological counselling to women who need it in different provinces of Andalusia, it is a totally free service and adapted to their needs.
Target group: Women in social exclusion or at risk.

DSA: Detection, awareness-raising and comprehensive care for victims of human trafficking

  • Detection of possible victims of trafficking in the context of prostitution. 
  • Raising awareness about the phenomenon of human trafficking and prostitution.
  • We want to educate in order to open our eyes to the violation of human rights and to propose ways to understand and transform these injustices. Our gaze is directed towards the front and our desire is to make visible and make known the realities experienced.
  • Comprehensive care for trafficked women with or without children based on a biopsychosocial and multidisciplinary intervention.
Target group: Women victims of tracking and their children

Programme for the prevention of gender-based violence in rural areas

At Nuevo Hogar Betania we are aware of the neglect that rural areas have traditionally suffered in the care of victims of gender violence, therefore, we propose the need to implement programmes with these characteristics in these areas, with the aim of achieving real equality and social justice. Through this programme we intend to achieve two main objectives, on the one hand, the denaturalisation, as well as the awareness and sensitisation in terms of gender violence and on the other hand, the creation of detection strategies as well as the attention to victims of this social scourge.
Target group: Rural population

Residential units for immigrant women victims of gender violence and their children

The project consists of providing accommodation for immigrant women victims of gender violence and their children. It works with an active-participatory methodology, where women participate directly in their process of development and growth, through direct contact with the different situations and their own experiences. The team acts as a guide in this process, encouraging initiative, responsibility, participation, involvement in their own learning and personal development process.
Target group: immigrant victims of gender violence and their minor children.

Comprehensive care for pregnant women and their children from 0 to 3 years old

The programme offers comprehensive care to pregnant women with or without children from 0 to 3 years old in exclusion through a flexible methodology adapted to each case and their needs with a multidisciplinary team trained and constantly updated.

Target group: Pregnant women and children from 0 to 3 years old.

You are not alone

Specialised intervention for women victims of gender violence with various associated problems, such as mental disorders or drug addiction. Therefore, through this programme we aim to achieve three objectives that are a priority in the fight against this social scourge. The first of these revolves around raising awareness of mental
health and drug dependence among women who are victims of gender violence, as there is hardly any research and training to raise awareness of a reality suffered by thousands of women. The second objective is aimed at the comprehensive care and recovery of all victims, offering not only a comprehensive intervention as a survivor of gender violence, but also specialised care, whether in the field of drug addiction or mental health. And finally, the aim is to create new channels of coordination with the different agents involved in the recovery of women. 

Target group: Women victims of gender-based violence.

Protection and care for victims of human trafficking and their children

The main focus of this project is the protection and safety of women and minors who are victims of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, offering them accommodation in different parts of Andalusia. Together with protection, key aspects will be worked on in a transversal way to advance and achieve bio-psychosocial recovery.

The organisation takes care of the safety and protection of both the victims and their dependent children, as well as minors who are victims of human trafficking. For this reason, as we have resources in several provinces of Andalusia, one of our priorities is the relocation of the victim, thus guaranteeing their anonymity.

The integral attention itself frames all the dimensions of the life of these women, with this, it is intended that the woman or minor reaches a level of autonomy and can start a new life outside the criminal networks and prostitution.

Target group: Women and girls who are victims of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Residential units for women, pregnant women and immigrant mothers in a situation of social exclusion with their minor children

It is important to highlight that the proximity to the coasts in the Southern Border of Spain is what made us open the first shelter for this group in La Línea de la Concepción, later awakening the need to continue to respond to other areas, where we are now located with projects such as this one.

Target: Immigrant women in situations of exclusion, immigrant women in the context of prostitution, immigrant women victims of gender violence, immigrant women victims of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.


Value yourself

Through activities developed to inform, assess and advise, the programme aims to prevent drug dependence, promote healthy lifestyle habits, assess knowledge about STD/HIV and risk practices.


Melissa Mann. Responsible of Area. Psychologist
Celia Gala. Responsible of Area. Social Educator
Claudia Álvarez. Psychologist
Lorena Rojas. Social worker
Cristina del Valle. Social integrator
Alicia Rodríguez. Social assistant
Luisa María López. Social educator
Ana Pérez. Social Technician
Laura Rodríguez. Psychologist
Ángela del Valle Guzmán. Social technician
Celia Pontiga. Social worker
Cristina Pérez. Psychologist
Martha Janeth Valencia. Social technician
Claudia Torres. Equality promoter
Elena Troya. Socio-cultural instructor
Marta Belmonte García. Psychologist
Selena Fernández Urbano. Legal Advisor


General coordination: 
(+34) 640 19 39 62 (Cádiz)
(+34) 682300522 (Madrid)
Legal and social counselling: (+34) 605 563 287 
Legal and psychological counselling: · (+34) 605 563 287