This organization was established in a city marked by high unemployment and poverty rates. Since its inception, we have been dedicated to improving the living conditions of families residing in the disadvantaged areas of La Línea de la Concepción.

The primary objective of the Territorial Intervention Department is to achieve the full social and labor integration of the population in these communities. To reach this goal, we offer a variety of programs including training, assistance to cover basic needs, educational support outside school hours, among other services.

“Emergency 365” Program

The Social Emergency Economic Assistance is a financial aid designed to individually address extraordinary contingencies that may arise for individuals or families and require immediate attention. This assistance is intended to cover basic needs in situations of social difficulty or socioeconomic disadvantage, with the aim of promoting autonomy and preventing the risk of social exclusion.

The Social Emergency Assistance Program includes a set of non-periodic economic supports aimed at addressing extraordinary or circumstantial situations that, due to their severity, need to be addressed in a short period of time to prevent significant deterioration of the situation and facilitate recovery from the immediate crisis the person or family is facing. This aid focuses on the individual and family needs identified and thoroughly evaluated by the team, through the preparation of a corresponding proposal report and, if necessary, an insertion commitment agreement by the beneficiary, for its concession. The primary objective is to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the assistance provided.

“Summer School” Program

The summer school initiative arises as a response to the need to provide continuous support to various families who, during the summer, face a lack of resources to cover their basic needs, such as food. Typically, during the school year, these families rely on the school lunch program for the children and the social dining service for the adults at home, thus ensuring lunch and dinner for all family members. Consequently, during the summer school program, Betania ensures that all children receive breakfast, lunch, and a snack.

In addition to food support, a comprehensive program is implemented that includes educational, recreational, and sports activities. These activities not only reinforce learning and academic performance but also provide a space where values such as mutual respect, integration, and social skills are promoted. Non-discriminatory games are prioritized, and those that may incite violence are excluded, thus ensuring a safe and enriching environment for all.



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