Area of emergencies and humanitarian care

The Humanitarian Attention area is aimed at attending to the needs of immigrants in a situation of vulnerability due to the lack of social and family support and economic means, who arrive at the Spanish coasts or form part of settlements that entail serious social and health risks.


Integral Attention to refugees from the war in Ukraine

Since last April 2022, when a team travelled to several refugee camps and enabled the departure of several people, mostly women and children, NHB has been active in a project in which residential coverage is provided to these people, as well as legal, social and educational advice and specific psychological support.

Humanitarian Care Programme

The aim of this new Humanitarian Care Programme is to provide a comprehensive welcome to migrants who are particularly vulnerable and to attend to their basic needs for accommodation and maintenance, as well as to provide them with social tools, such as language learning, training and orientation.
The aim of this initiative is to facilitate the integration of these people into the host society, avoiding personal deterioration and social exclusion. The aim is to give them a comprehensive welcome for the recovery of the person, since the migratory process, and the hard difficulties they go through in their countries of origin, cause in migrants a great deterioration at a psychological and physical level.
The programme includes accommodation and food, provision of basic hygiene and cleaning materials, clothing and footwear, basic health care, information, counselling, advice and social and legal support in order to obtain the documentation they may need and information on other resources, psychological support and re-establishment of family contacts.


Dolores Belizón. Legal Advisor
Paola Molina. Psychologist
Víctor Escudero. Psychologist
Iván Cabrera. Social technician
Anouar Khair. Social technician
Cecilia Gavilán. Social Technician
Lucas Muñoz. Social worker
David Cordeiro. Social technician