Comedor social para personas sin hogar y reparto de alimentos elaborados a familias en situación de emergencia social o en riesgo de estarlo

The canteen service was created due to the fact that the situation of food need in our town, far from improving, remains in force. Proof of this are the numerous families who come to our centre for the first time to ask for help or those who are referred from the Social Services in our area.
With all this we aim to provide daily, to the group previously evaluated and assessed, a lunch and dinner prepared and adjusted to the number of people who make up the family unit. In addition to covering the basic food needs, we want to go further, offering these people comprehensive and complete care, according to the demands requested by the families and detected by the technical team.
We propose to provide services such as the delivery of clothes, personal hygiene products and children’s hygiene, and to carry out group workshops and individual attention. The main aim of this project is to cover an evident lack of basic foodstuffs, but, in addition, this service should also serve as a bridge to access another series of needs that are also important and derived from the precarious economic situation that these families suffer. Psychological care services, employment guidance, referrals to other services, accompaniment in carrying out various formalities.
Contact: – (+34) 956 17 23 80 / (+34) 626 826 866

Summer school

The “Betania” summer school was born from the desire of this entity to offer a service of educational support and comprehensive care to children living in a situation of social exclusion, to a recognised group with special needs, such as childhood, adolescence and pre-adolescence in a territory in which the social reality requires the implementation of actions such as the one we present and develop.
Moreover, the people with whom we have already been working in different projects of our organisation, such as the “Social Dining Room” project and the “Social Intervention Zones” project, are in this situation of risk and social exclusion. It is very difficult for them to cover the food and other needs of their children during the holiday period because the school canteens are not available.
Target group: Children in a situation of social exclusion.


Aimed at people over 65 years of age, with mobility problems and scarce economic resources.
The users are referred to our centre by the Health Centres, Social Services Centres, by their own motivation or by a family member or acquaintance, because they are malnourished or malnourished. They are mostly people over 75 years of age, who live alone, without a support network and who follow a poor and unbalanced diet.
They are provided with a complete and balanced lunch and dinner service prepared by a dietician in a personalised way, taking into account their individual needs and in accordance with the medical recommendations for each of the users, so, for example, we have provided low salt menus for those users who suffer from high blood pressure, menus suitable for users taking Synthrom, with extra fibre for users with gastrointestinal problems, sugar-free menus for diabetics, special menus for lactose intolerant people and soft diet menus because many of our users have
difficulty chewing or swallowing food.
These menus are prepared in our own kitchens on a daily basis and are delivered to their own homes, thus ensuring that they receive an adequate and balanced diet, which is so important for the elderly.
From Nuevo Hogar Betania, with the Catering at home programme, we aim to cover a basic need such as food. This programme is carried out so that people over 65 years of age or people with reduced mobility can maintain a healthy and balanced diet.


Risponsible. María Teresa de Jesús
Yolanda López. Cook
Tamara Guadix. Cook