Our Public Relations Department was established with the purpose of forging lasting alliances with the communities of the Costa del Sol that wish to support our projects aimed at vulnerable groups. This effort was inspired by a group of altruistic women from Marbella, who, upon learning about Betania’s work, committed to actively collaborating, either by raising funds or increasing the visibility of our organization.

An essential part of our work at Betania is providing suitable housing to those who come to us for help. However, we face the challenge of the scarcity and high cost of suitable properties for our programs. In response to this need, our department actively seeks property owners willing to donate or rent their vacant properties at affordable prices. This gesture not only offers housing solutions to those in need but also contributes to improving community cohesion and creating a positive social impact.

At Betania, we firmly believe in equal opportunities and the shared responsibility of individuals, companies, and associations to improve the environment in which we live. Collaborations like these are crucial, as they reduce social exclusion and benefit society as a whole.