Public Relations Department

Our Public Relations department was created with the aim of creating collaborative links with communities on the Costa del Sol (Málaga) interested in positively influencing the projects that the organisation develops in its work with vulnerable groups.

The seed of this idea comes from a group of altruistic women from Marbella who discovered the work of Betania years ago and since then have not hesitated to collaborate and initiate actions to raise funds or to give visibility to the entity.

The acceptance and involvement of these women in our work encourages us to take a step forward in order to establish lasting and tangible forms of collaboration. A fundamental part of our organisation is our residential resources, where we offer comprehensive care to people who come to Betania in search of help. However, the available flats and houses with enough places to attend to our users are scarce or very expensive, which makes it difficult to find them.

For this reason, our Public Relations department was created with the main objective of finding small or large owners who would like to temporarily let us or rent their currently unused real estate properties at reduced prices. In this way, they would offer a housing solution for the people we work with who, for various reasons, cannot afford to pay rent for themselves.

At Betania we believe in equal opportunities and that people, companies and associations have a responsibility towards the environment that surrounds them. Improving the living conditions of others, offering a housing solution, improves coexistence and creates social profitability. Collaborations like this are of enormous public utility because by minimising social exclusion, society as a whole improves.

If you would like more information about our work with vulnerable people or if you would like to contribute to our organisation, please write to