In the Project Management Department, we are responsible for the comprehensive management of all projects executed by the organization. This process encompasses rigorous control, continuous supervision, and systematic evaluation of each project to ensure that the objectives are met and the expected results are achieved.

Our task begins with detailed control of the activities of each project, overseeing that they are developed according to the established plan and within the set deadlines. This monitoring allows us to proactively identify any deviations or problems that may arise during implementation, keeping the projects on course toward success.

In addition to supervision, we conduct periodic evaluations to measure the results obtained compared to the initial objectives. This evaluation not only measures the direct impact of the projects but also provides valuable data that contributes to the continuous improvement of our strategies and working methods.

Another critical function of our department is the technical management of grants associated with the projects. This includes the preparation of funding applications, as well as handling any additional requirements such as amendments or reformulations that may arise during the project’s duration.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that each project not only fulfills its purpose but also contributes to the achievement of our overall mission.


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