Since its inception in 2011, Betania has been committed to supporting victims of human trafficking and gender-based violence in the province of Cádiz, specifically in La Línea de la Concepción. This commitment became evident after the liberation of 25 victims of human trafficking.

Since then, our professionals have specialized in addressing these issues, resulting in an expansion of spaces dedicated to women affected by this serious social problem. Currently, we have homes in Cádiz, Sevilla, Málaga, Granada, Huelva, Madrid, and Tenerife, providing care to victims from all provinces of Andalusia, as well as making referrals and providing support to other Autonomous Communities.

Our homes offer specialized and diversified care, tailored to the individual characteristics and circumstances of the women. We have residences for women victims of gender-based violence and their young children; homes for pregnant women or women with children under 3 years old; and a specific home for women victims of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and prostitution, including minors affected by these circumstances.

In these spaces, we provide comprehensive care that includes psychological intervention, social and educational assistance, legal advice, training and employment guidance, as well as support in the health sector.

We are committed to continuing to work to offer a safe and supportive environment to all the women and children who come to our homes seeking help and protection.


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